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about luksin

i live and work on the coast of maine. i have a background in sculpture and design, and enjoy bringing those elements into my everyday life in a very practical way. i also have a strong conscious drive to respect and preserve the earth's resources, and a sense of personal responsibility to do so in my life and also as a business owner  

my favorite objects have an uncommon character, a quality of craft, and an ease on the eye and body. when put together, these things create a unique story, but also appeal in a timeless, versatile way. the way i design clothes is simply by feeling out what i want to wear, everywhere. from coastal villages, to the city to your daily farm or house chores, and of course for lounging. luksin has a placeless and timeless fluidity. 

as individuals we have opportunities to support the environment in so many small actions, every day. being conscious of the things we buy and make is one way we can take responsibility for our impact on the world around us, which is why i use ethically and sustainably sourced materials. non-organic cotton is one of the most heavily pesticide- and herbicide-treated crops on earth, material choices matter. for me, the aesthetic of luksin is the fun part- the ethics of it are the important part.

when you buy a piece of luksin, you can feel content in the fact that you are supporting a positive movement towards sustainability while adding a new favorite thing to your collection.